The SMC7904WBRA- N2, a three-in-one wireless ADSL2/2+ router designed for Internet connectivity, is now available to the local market through TVR Computers, one of the two certified distribution partners of SMC Networks in South Africa.
The device includes an ADSL modem, four Ethernet ports, and an 802.11n high-speed wireless function.
Connectivity is the key component with this offering from SMC Networks. The solution supports the most up-to-date ADSL2/2+ standards to provide DSL performance – up to 24Mbps downstream and 2Mbps upstream, as well as a long-reach rate from an ISP’s DSLAM site.
The combination of QoS and security features means that the solution can be used to deliver high-quality video/audio streams. In terms of security the device incorporates NAT/NAPT and firewall features – with the firewall that supports not only IP/Port/MAC filtering functions, but also stateful packet inspection (SPI).
Day/time parent control is included to prevent children from accessing harmful Web sites. The device supports both a Bridge mode and Router mode, which means that it can be operated within different ISP deployment plans.
The router supports WiFi and is compliant with 802.11n draft v2.0 specifications. It can achieve a 300Mbps PHY rate using 11n MIMO 2×2 antennas. When compared to the 54Mbps PHY rate of 802.11g technology – providing almost six times faster WiFi throughput.
“Security, manageability and cost – these are core factors behind the increasing demand for connectivity. They are also central priorities in terms of network infrastructure investment. We believe we have a solution that addresses all these aspects and offers significant value to carriers and Internet service providers,” explains Paul Luff, country manager, SMC Networks South Africa.
TVR Computers is a national provider of network technology, PC equipment and peripherals. The company recently entered into a distribution partnership with SMC Networks to provide its dealer base with a range of products, from entry level to advanced, all designed for a multitude of customer needs and applications.
Leroy Baartman, GM at TVR Computers, says the intention with the partnership is to acquire and supply innovative network solutions to support the development of small businesses and offices.
“The SMC ADSL2 router is a very good example of the level of infrastructure that is now available,” says Baartman. “We are pleased to be in a position to help operators, ISPs and carriers in this competitive market place with solutions that make a lasting difference and add substantial value.”