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Given that economic times appear to be getting tougher, Blue Label Telecoms has decided to launch a new starter pack for the benefit of pregnant women.
The Baby Bonus Starter Pack for mobile phones will be loaded with a R1 000 benefit, which can be claimed back in cash once a mother has given birth. The claim will be subject to qualifying criteria, such as a minimum airtime spend of R50.00 per month for six consecutive months during her pregnancy.
“My brother and I started Blue Label as a family business over 11 years ago, so we are especially pleased to be launching a product that gives a return to those in the family-way. We want to acknowledge the important role women – and especially Moms – play in one’s personal and professional lives,” says Brett Levy, joint CEO of Blue Label.
“Having a baby adds to one’s financial stresses, and we think that by taking up this product, pregnant women will have one less worry. In this way we can help strengthen mothers’ family life and in turn add to the fabric of our community.”
The new product will be launched in early June, and the announcement is timed with Mother’s Day just around the corner on Sunday, 13 May 2012.