Inter-Active Technologies continues to establish itself as a leading call centre and customer interaction expert in South Africa, after being awarded a prestigious 3 Star rating by the Services Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) on 25 April, 2012.
The Services SETA was established to ensure that the skill needs for every sector of the South African economy is identified and that training is available to provide for these skill needs. Services SETA aims to provide comprehensive information regarding the authority, its structure and its functions.
In its quest to create a culture of continuous learning as well as improved work performance, business systems, processes and customer service, the Services SETA introduced the 3 Star Grading System, which seeks to recognise local organisations’ service excellence.
Inter-Active Technologies operations director Gerald Terblanche points out that the company is delighted to have been awarded the maximum rating provided by the Services SETA.
“I am very pleased to announce that we have been awarded three out of a possible three stars for our rating in terms of customer service delivery and service operations, accredited independently through SETA,” he explains. “Thanks to the hard work carried out by Jacqui Walter and Oscar Dlamini of our training division in preparing our organisation for the audit; we have passed with flying colours.”
By awarding Inter-Active Technologies with a 3 Star rating, the Services SETA acknowledges that the company is customer-centric, and is focused on the wellbeing of clients and customers. It also recognises that clients are aware of, and appreciate the client-centric strategy of the company, and that the strategy is successful.
The 3 Star rating also recognises that Inter-Active Technologies is driven by the customer’s changing needs and perceptions of service excellence. By managing this grading system, Services SETA aims to assist organisations in monitoring their progress and create a spirit of competitiveness that will encourage South African organisations to strive to be the best.
“This accreditation validates what Inter-Active Technologies’ employees have known all along – we deliver no matter what it takes, and we do it well,” Terblanche adds.
“The three stars would never have been possible were it not for each and every Inter-Active Technologies team member’s individual contributions, as the audit covers all aspects of our business in terms of our position in the customer service and interaction solutions space.
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every employee, and I trust that they, like myself, see this as an independent validation of our success and extraordinary efforts.”
Looking to the future, Terblanche believes that the 3 Star rating will strengthen Inter-Active Technologies’ standing in the local market.
“With this rating, staff morale can be raised to provide even better customer service levels, and improved communication between internal and external customers. Recognition as a 3 Star company to will also help to ensure that we attract future business, and maintain a competitive advantage in a tough market,” he concludes.