O-Tel Telecoms has launched a new terrestrial virtual network operator (TVNO) service designed to meet the needs of voice over IP (VoIP) providers in the fast-growing industry.

Thyson Makitla, projects and development leader at O-Tel Telecoms, explains: “TVNO is a comprehensive, flexible, low-cost, feature-rich Carrier Grade VoIP Switching System which caters for every aspect of a providers strategy in deploying SIP Trunking Service.”

The IBM servers hosting the softswitch ensure all the modules run at optimum. An authentication engine, signalling and media server are integrated into this one Class 5 Switch.

An online billing module has been installed to allow end user clients and enterprise to self-provision, purchase airtime online, keep tabs on their invoices and view their realtime CDRs from the customer portal.

The service provides for mobile VoIP in the form of a SIP app, and also includes a custom-branded Android app.

Other facilities include the capability to provide for agents and resellers to white-label a cloud segment. It also offers a providers’ franchise option.

Live call shop, prepaid calling cards, and call-back facilities are among the other of services providers can offer rural clients.

“With the growth of our channel partners, it was only natural that we evolved our SIP trunking service into a fully-functional switch to accommodate the many thousands of end user clients being added onto our network,” comments Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecoms.

“With spiralling cloud costs, our stronger partners needed their own cloud platform where they have access to unlimited SIP Trunks and relieve their backroom staff of pressure by offering self-care online portals. All this whilst enjoying the infrastructure at a predictable fixed monthly fee.”