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 Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider today launched its innovative CloudEngine series switches at Interop 2012.
The CloudEngine series switches provide the industry’s largest single-frame switching capacity of up to 48Tbps and support high-density switching of 100GE, 40GE, 10GE and GE interfaces, as well as virtualisation and computing, storage and network convergence. This enables the sustainable development of enterprise data centres over a 10 year span.
Committed to providing a better way for enterprises to tap into the opportunities presented by the rise of cloud computing and ICT convergence, Huawei’s CloudEngine series switches provide stable, reliable and secure services to help customers build scalable, virtualised and converged data centre fabric architectures.
“The deployment of cloud-based services brings with it extreme network challenges in the areas of traffic growth, service scale and manageability. With the announcement of the Cloud Fabric Architecture and CloudEngine 12800 series, Huawei is addressing the needs of this environment  by providing customers a solid reference architecture and a highly scalable, converged and fully virtualised platform.
“This  innovative approach  will provide mid-market through high-end enterprise customers the foundation for a customisable network environment managed with a single fabric interface,” says Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst, ZK Research.
Drawing on the the company’s extensive R&D experience and decade-long involvement in contributing to industry standards, the CloudEngine series is Huawei’s next-generation switch family designed for cloud computing data centres. Its standard, open and easy-to-integrate product interface will enhance the user’s experience while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).
As a leader in the global ICT industry, Huawei plays an active role in the research and development of data centre network standards. Currently, Huawei participates in 148 international standards organisations, including IEEE and IETF, and has submitted over 25 000 standard proposals.
The CloudEngine series switches provide stable, reliable, secure and high-performance services by incorporating innovations in functionality and design. Feature highlights include:
* Highly scalable, the CloudEngine series provides high bandwidth of up to 2Tbps per slot and switching capacity of 48Tbps. Non-blocking CLOS fabric architecture and large distributed buffers efficiently process traffic bursts resulting from cloud-computing applications such as data access and parallel computing.
The CloudEngine series also incorporates improved power and cooling with innovative front-to-rear ventilation channel design to improve heat dissipation.
* Enhancing device management and network reliability, the CloudEngine series incorporates the Cluster Switch System (CSS) feature to virtualise multiple switches into one logical switch, as well as the virtual system (VS) feature to virtualise one switch into multiple independent logical devices.
Together, the innovative use of CSS and VS turns the network into a resource pool so that network resources can be allocated on demand.
* The CloudEngine series also supports virtual machines by allowing network administrators to build large-scale Layer 2 networks with over 500 nodes based on TRILL, allowing for fast migration and flexible service deployment.
Combined with the usage of the nCenter, network management system, the CloudEngine series is able to achieve over 10 times the virtual parallel processing capability compared to the industry average.
* The Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) support provided by the CloudEngine series allows enterprises to establish a converged network by deploying SAN based network traffic over an enhanced Ethernet network. The CloudEngine series also combines priority flow control (PFC) with enhanced transmission selection (ETS) to ensure non-blocking transmission.
The Huawei CloudEngine series switches comprise CE12800 core switches, as well as CE6800 and CE5800 TOR switches.