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Sweden-based e-commerce solution provider Vaimo has been recognised for its global best practice in delivering e-commerce solutions by winning a Fast and Emerging Partner award at the prestigous annual Magento industry event.
At the same time, market success has allowed Vaimo to spread its operations internationally. Vaimo’s new office in South Africa is one of four new points of presence established in the past six months, along with the UK, Australia and Canada. Vaimo delivers solutions based on Magento, a powerful open-source e-commerce platform that underpins over 110 000 online retail sites around the world.
Over 400 Magento solution providers gather in Las Vegas for the annual event, and only twenty awards are made every year.
The Fast and Emerging Partner award was presented to Vaimo who showed remarkable year to year growth in 2011 – a result of their dedication to the development of their Magento Enterprise practice, excellence in Magento Enterprise implementations and their potential as rising stars of the solution partner network.
“As a 2011 Fast and Emerging Partner Award winner, Vaimo showed great expansion in their Magento Enterprise business demonstrating their commitment to delivering creative and quality Magento Enterprise stores,” says Scott Dahlgren, head of Magento channel sales.
South Africa is enthusiastically shifting its shopping habits online – in a World Wide Worx/Mastercard study released in April, almost every category of goods and service has seen an increase in its proportion of offline sales to online, and the number of Internet users who shop online is growing steadily (44%, 53% and 58% respectively in ’09, ’11 and ’12).
Online retail has become a R2,63-billion annual business, growing consistently at 20-30% over the last few years.
Vaimo chief operations officer, Brendan Peo, is making substantial inroads into new markets, aiming to bring its international best practices into rapidly developing emerging markets.
“We’ve created and helped manage over 300 merchants in Sweden, we’ve won major industry awards – and we can make a huge contribution building e-commerce in South Africa by introducing new levels of professionalism and understanding of how Web shoppers want to be serviced,” says David Holender, CEO at Vaimo.
“One of the major issues contributing to poorly performing Web shops is the lack of innovation and creativity. Just as successful retailers in shopping malls put a huge amount of work into making their shop fronts welcoming and merchandise appealing, Web shop owners must work to draw in customers, and encourage them to get all the way to the point where they click ‘confirm my transaction’,” says Peo.
What makes a good Web shop is a design which caters to the nuances of the sector for which it is designed, but also takes into account the thought processes of customers, and why they click ‘buy’.
“We don’t see the Web shop as some technical platform. The Web shop is the salesperson. It has to be there to serve customers around the clock, answer their questions, make recommendations for up-selling and cross-selling, convincing them that what they see is so desirable, all without annoying or confusing the customer,” he explains.
As a result, a good Web shop goes beyond choosing standard themes and one-size-fits-all user interfaces, says Peo.
“Vaimo works with its clients to understand the psychology of the person coming to the site. The user interface and the integration into back end systems, such as ERP, are all done as a bespoke solution geared for high-performance e-commerce,” he explains.
Already a Magento Gold Solution Partner, he says this award lends further credence to the Vaimo value proposition.
“We’re recognised by hundreds of satisfied clients and our highly skilled team is delivering steadily more sophisticated Web shops for larger businesses,” he says. “Our expertise has been formally recognised by this award and confirms to our clients and prospective clients that they are engaging with a certified Magento solution partner that is recognised by its peers as an innovation leader.”