AMD has formally announced its new APU processors and a new, exclusive partner programme to more than 200 South African resellers at a joint roadshow with distributor Corex.

After presenting a number of benchmarks highlighting some distinct advantages of the new APUs – codenamed Trinity – over its competitors, Jaco Laubscher, channel sales manager for AMD in South Africa, unveiled a new partner programme exclusively for Corex resellers.

Along with the usual online portal, access to demo kit, and marketing materials, Laubshcer says that the main attraction of the new programme is a generous rebate structure specifically designed around individual resellers.

“All that is required is registration for the programme, a purchase, and you will get 1% rebate on all our products bought from Corex,” Laubscher told the assembled dealers. “The rebate can go up to 2% based on targets – and these targets will be based on the size of your business. There will be individual targets for each of your companies based on the size of the company – not turnover, not profit. We feel that this structure is not only a lot fairer, but also gives you added incentive in doing business with AMD and Corex.”

Laubscher says another exclusive for Corex is that one of the hottest games to hit the market in recent times – Diablo 3 – will be bundled with all Radeon 7000 products bought from the distributor.

Michael Hann, marketing manager at Corex, told resellers that the distributor was adopting a model aimed at the B2B2C market as the landscape in distribution changes.

He said that as more non-traditional players such as mass retailers, telcos and even banks entered the distribution space, resellers had to abandon box-dropping and start focusing on selling solutions.

“Resellers shouldn’t be involved in the horse-trading that goes on nowadays as these new players start offering bundles, but there are things that the telcos, banks and mass retailers can’t offer,” Hann says. “Who buys components from their bank, for example, or network solutions?

“This is why we at Corex are focusing heavily on B2B2C – on integration and solutions – and we are ready to help you embark on this new path too,” he says. “We are focusing on getting the channel ready for solutions selling. There might still be some life left in box-dropping, not much when you have to sell 20 units this year as opposed to the five you needed last year to make the same margin, but we have to look at other channels for growth.

“We have to look at new avenues to offer products to customers that add value and show the customer why they need you, why you are relevant, and why you are different,” he says. “We’re moving towards the era of true solution providers and, as I’ve said, Corex is here to help you take those steps.”