Global telecommunications operator Viettel has set up a mobile network in Mozambique, in its first foray into Africa.

The company already operates in Asia and Latin America.

In just over a year since being licensed on January 10, 2011, Viettel has built 12 600km of fibre optic cable and 1 800 mobile stations in Mozambique. This network represents 70% of the total Mozambique’s fibre optic cable network and 50% of the country’s mobile stations.

The system has helped triple the density of Mozambique’s telecom infrastructure (increasing the length of fibre optic cable network and number of mobile stations per 1-million inhabitants in Mozambique by two to three times), making it one of the world’s fastest growing telecommunications networks and placing the country among the top three nations in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of fibre optic cable systems.

With the country’s largest network at launch, Viettel’s Movitel network is the first mobile network operator in Mozambique to have doubled the network coverage level committed in its proposal for the license. In addition to expanding the network, Viettel also recruits one to two local people to provide services door-to-door in their own localities.

Viettel has also announced its project of connecting and providing free internet for 4 200 schools as part of the group’s pledge to the Mozambican government. At present, more than 500 schools have been connected thanks to this project.

Viettel has successfully developed and popularised telecom services in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Haiti, Mozambique and Peru.