OpenCloud, the telecoms software provider, has announced a partnership agreement with Altech ISIS, one of Africa’s leading software development houses and systems integrators.
Under the collaboration, Altech ISIS will provide local development knowledge and operational support during the deployment of OpenCloud’sRhino platform throughout Africa; ensuring the full functionality of each roll-out is fully maximised.
OpenCloud’s Rhino suite comprises Telecom Application Server, Service Interaction Server (service broker) and Sentinel products. OpenCloud and Altech’s partnership allows African service providers to enrich their legacy, next-generation and converged networks with market specific innovations that can now be developed locally.
With the growth of the popular Java programming language, on which the OpenCloud software is based, it is now much easier to find developers with the right skill sets in local markets.
This has the benefit of providing services and applications that take local cultural issues and needs into consideration. Development resources are also located and paid for locally, with positive consequences for African economies.
Altech ISIS GM, Anton van Heerden, says OpenCloud’s Rhino platform has tremendous power and flexibility.
“It is an open platform designed for fast and simple telecom service development. With OpenCloud’s technology, Altech ISIS is able to address a very broad array of needs for African operators.”
“Altech ISIS has extensive, proven experience in delivering telecom solutions into African networks,” says Jeff Gordon, OpenCloud’s CEO.
“By blending Altech ISIS’ knowledge with OpenCloud’s flexible platforms, our partnership enables network operators in this region to benefit from local solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of the local market.”
OpenCloud’s Rhino platform provides an open, standards-based service-layer framework which enables operators to develop advanced value-added services, within a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost. Altech ISIS is able to provide OpenCloud with local development and operational support for its Rhino deployments throughout Africa.