Sage ERP X3, a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for larger businesses operating in the mid-market and enterprise space, now seamlessly integrate Magento – the world’s leading e-commerce platform – into its product offering utilising Vaimo, the only Magento Gold partner in Africa.
Retailers and wholesalers can no longer be ignorant about the fact that they need an e-commerce sales strategy in place, says Vaimo SA’s MD, Kevin Clarke.
“The growth rate in online retail sales is impossible to ignore, particularly in the current economic environment. Wherever you go you see traditional sales channels buckling under the pressure with their numbers slowing to a crawl. In contrast, the online environment is booming, delivering double digit growth even in mature e-commerce environments such as the USA (2011 – 13%) and Europe (2011 – 18%).
“Emerging e-commerce environments are delivering even more promising results. South Africa’s online retail sales numbers grew 30% in 2011 and we expect these numbers to grow upwards by 35% in 2012 to R3,5-billion.”
Vaimo originated in Sweden and is one of the leading e-commerce suppliers in Scandinavia. The Vaimo management team in both Europe and South Africa all have strong ERP backgrounds and have found good synergy with the Team at Sage ERP X3.
As a result, the development team at Vaimo has built a commercial connector which intelligently integrates Sage ERP X3 and Magento on various levels.
“Partnering was a very natural thing to do as Vaimo can offer the Magento e-commerce platform to Sage ERP X3 clients as a component of multi-channel sales. In turn the team at Sage are helping our clients with better operational efficiencies using the Sage ERP X3 platform,” explains Clarke.
Vaimo and Sage clients in South Africa benefit directly by leveraging from the skills, tactics and experience acquired from a mature e-commerce market.
“Any of our existing Sage ERP X3 clients now have the option to include a new sales channel in the form of e-commerce into their business offering,” says Keith Fenner, VP of sales for Africa, Softline Accpac and Sage MMD Africa, part of the Sage Group.
“The integration is seamless and it provides all the insight and business functionality that our Sage ERP X3 product offers, from a robust e-commerce platform. The advent of the cloud and growing connectivity in South Africa and Africa at large lays the foundation for solid e-commerce growth.
“Integrating Magento’s e-commerce platform into our Sage ERP X3 offering will allow the mid-market enterprise to grasp all the opportunities that e-commerce has to offer,” concludes Fenner.