SkyVision Global Networks has launched a new iDirect VSAT Hub service for South Africa.

This offering will be operated by  SkyVision Networks South Africa, SkyVision Global Network’s local subsidiary.

The establishment of subsidiary as well as the teleport and local VSAT Hub it operates is the latest strategic move SkyVision has taken in order to expand its African footprint. This offering will enable the company to respond to Africa’s need for high quality communication services over fibre, wireless and satellite.

The new iDirect Hub in Johannesburg supports the latest iDX 3.1 iDirect release, and takes full advantage of the Amos 5 satellite with its coverage of southern and sub-Saharan Africa. This will allow SkyVision to offer cost effective and highly reliable VSAT services for South African companies and organizations.

SkyVision offers a range of VSAT satellite routers, including the latest iDirect X1, data rates and services in order to accommodate each customer’s specific needs.

SkyVision’s newest Hub in South Africa joins existing local VSAT Hubs in Kenya, Nigeria, DRC and Zimbabwe.

“We are thrilled to significantly broaden SkyVision’s activities in Southern Africa providing high quality connectivity to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding South African economy,” says Doron Ben Sira, CEO of SkyVision.