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The Dell XPS 14, available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), combines second generation Intel processors with intelligent design to deliver uncompromising performance and ultimate portability.
At 23mm thick, with a starting weight of just 1,98kg, a built-in DVD player, discrete graphics and the latest Intel Core iX processors, the XPS 14 is the whole package. Edge-to-edge glass and an ultrathin frame produce a miracle of modern engineering, with a 14-inch screen packed into a body the size of most 13-inch laptops.
“The Dell XPS 14 is power-packed and full featured, with an impressive list of specs. It offers the perfect solution for users who want the portability of an ultrabook with the display capability and performance of a notebook,” says Nitesh Devanand, Dell consumer product specialist at DCC.
“High definition optics, razor sharp imagery and powerful on-board graphics deliver incredible video and viewing, in the boardroom, on the go or in the home. An anodised aluminium body delivers both durability and style and will complement the decor of any room. This notebook is portable enough to go wherever you go, with the good looks to ensure it stands out above the crowd,” he adds.
The Dell XPS 14 features second generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, Windows 7 and the latest Intel chipsets. The notebook supports up to 8Gb dual channel double data rate 3 (DDR) memory and graphics are provided by a 1Gb NVIDIA GeForce graphics card.
The 14-inch HD white light emitting diode (WLED) screen is housed in a slim bezel frame and features an integrated 1,3 mega-pixel HD Web cam. High definition audio is supplied by +Waves MaxxAudio and 5.1 surround sound is supported via high definition multimedia interface (HDMI).
Plenty of storage for files, music and movies is available with up to 750Gb of hard drive space. A 256Gb solid state drive (SSD) is also available as an option on configuration. Wireless connectivity is integrated with an Ethernet port, wireless a/g/n and Bluetooth.
A full sized backlit, spill resistant keyboard enables users to work in any lighting conditions. Complementing the highly portable form factor is an impressive battery life of up to six hours and 42 minutes, provided by eight cell Prismatic battery technology.
“This means that users can take their work, their files and their media with them wherever they go. With a slim, elegant design and all of the features and functionality any user would want, the Dell XPS 14 is ideal for users across the board. From the home to the small and medium business right through to the large corporate, the XPS 14 represents ultimate productivity and entertainment on the go,” Devanand concludes.
The Dell XPS 14 is available immediately from Drive Control Corporation for a recommended retail price starting at R14 999.00, including VAT.