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Following an announcement by its parent company the Westcon Group, Westcon SA – a value-added distributor of category-leading unified communications, network infrastructure, data centre and security solutions – has announced that the company’s Comstor business unit is further building its partner support for the Cisco UCS B-Series and C-Series Servers.
Recently announced, Comstor UCS Selector is a new online configuration tool accelerating the company’s broad-based offerings for partners, including executive relevance selling (ERS) and LEAP “Centres of Excellence” initiatives.
Cisco UCS B-Series and C-Series servers are critical building blocks in the Cisco Unified Computing System, a data centre platform that unites compute, network, storage access and virtualisation into one cohesive system. The servers are standalone systems, managed using Cisco UCS Manager, which offers unified management with the UCS line.
Comstor is dedicated to delivering innovative support programmes, helping resellers build new revenue streams based on Cisco UCS. ERS is squarely focused on selling UCS to executives, offering training licenses for global partners based on unique methodology assessment and ROI tools.
The selling tool also builds on the success of Comstor’s global LEAP (learn, experience, architect and plan) centres, each engineered to replicate a real-world data centre. The centres enable partners worldwide to execute actionable testing of scenarios customers face when deploying virtualisation and private cloud infrastructures.
“Comstor’s continued commitment to rolling out new and innovative solutions that support our data centre UCS platform reinforces its strengths as a distribution partner,” says Scott Brown, VP of worldwide distribution sales at Cisco.
“The UCS Selector tool provides channel partners with an efficient and easy way to offer optimised solutions to meet unique customer needs.”
With the announcement of Comstor UCS Selector, partners can easily choose the configuration type for Cisco UCS B-Series and C-Series Servers. The tool permits requests to be submitted easily to a Comstor account manager. The representative then verifies the configuration and provides a pricing quote.
“We take pride in working collaboratively with partners, offering Cisco solutions that best meet customer needs. Our UCS Selector is perfectly aligned with this strategy,” says Carlos De Almeida, Comstor business unit manager at Westcon SA.
“We’re always looking to develop new tools for partners, making it easier to take Cisco’s value proposition to customers in the fastest and most profitable ways possible.”
UCS Selector is updated regularly with the newest components and pricing. The site permits users to name each build with individual customers then save the detail for future use.