Objet, the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, has launched the new Objet30 Pro–the most versatile professional in-house desktop 3D printer available on the market.
Unveiled at RAPID, the new desktop 3D printer offers seven different materials, including, for the first time on a desktop system, clear transparent material and high temperature resistant material.
The Objet30 Pro is positioned as the ultimate rapid prototyping solution for designers and engineers, ranging from industries such as consumer goods and consumer electronics to medical devices and design consultancies.
The Objet30 Pro takes its place as the new top-of-the-line addition to Objet’s existing desktop 3D printer line.
With a small footprint, professional 28 micron print quality and wide ranging material versatility, the Objet30 Pro produces high quality prototypes with a choice of 7 different materials and functional properties, offering designers and engineers a world of possibilities:
* Objet clear transparent material (Objet VeroClear) for simulating PMMA/glass;
* Objet High temperature material for heat-resistant static functional testing;
* Objet polypropylene-like material (Objet DurusWhite) for simulating snap-fit parts; and
* Four rigid, opaque materials for standard plastic simulation (Objet Vero Family in black, white, gray and blue).
“Having the correct tools and resources to advance our product development is critical for our organisation,” says Gregory Janice, engineering manager at Princeton Tec. “The Objet30 Pro’s ability to print parts made with a clear transparent material on a desktop 3D printer combined with its ease of use and versatility made the Objet30 Pro a sound investment for our team.”
Collcap Packaging, an Objet customer creating innovative cosmetic, perfumery and personal care packaging, has also been testing the new Objet30 Pro desktop 3D printer.
“We knew a desktop machine would meet our capacity requirements quite happily, but for the packaging work we do, we really wanted the range of materials that has previously only been available with bigger machines,” says Adam Smith, technical manager at Collcap.
“The clear transparent material for instance is ideal for prototyping our bespoke fragrance bottles and other glass or clear plastic products, whilst the range of colored rigid materials work perfectly for simulating plastic bottles, caps and fittings.
“The excellent surface finish and detail provided by the Objet30 Pro are also crucial so that our eye-catching designs look and feel as they’re supposed to when we present them to our customers for approval.”
“The Objet30 Pro is the next evolution in desktop 3D printers developed specifically for professional users,” says David Reis, CEO of Objet.
“This desktop 3D printer provides outstanding print quality with a choice of seven materials that until now could only be found in much larger, high-end 3D printers. The Objet30 Pro is the perfect combination of professional, versatile in-house 3D printing at an attractive price point,” he concludes.
The Objet30 Pro will be on display at RAPID 2012 Conference and Exposition, Atlanta Georgia until 25 May.