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 Bluekey Software Solutions, which opened an office, Bluekey Tanzania, in Dar es Salaam eight months ago, has quickly established itself as a major player in the provisioning of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to companies in Tanzania, enjoying exceptional growth since then.
The largest and most successful SAP Business One partner in Africa, Bluekey implements, supports and develops ERP and accounting solutions for SMEs.
The company is currently responsible for almost 50% of SAP Business One sales in South and East Africa and has expanded from its initial beginnings of core ERP to incorporate development, networking, business intelligence and mobility solutions into its portfolio.
With its established base in Tanzania, the company is filling a void in a market which is hungry for qualified, on-the-ground support in implementing and optimising integrated business management tools that enable companies to drive efficiencies, gain competitive edge and increase profits.
“For years, ERP vendors have serviced their customers in Africa from a distance and as a result, companies sometimes battle to find the necessary technical support for implementations, maintenance and customisations.
“However, the demand for integrated business management tools is growing to the extent that this model cannot adequately support the requirements of companies in Africa. Our success in the African region, including Tanzania, is due to our approach to build a strong, locally-accessible support base for companies using SAP Business One.
“Our customer base is diverse and many of them are regional concerns, which show that it’s not only the big companies with international ties that are keen to leverage ERP to drive business efficiency.
“With Tanzania growing rapidly, and fast becoming a commercial hub in Africa, there is a definite and increasing need amongst companies here for systems that can provide the insight, control and visibility they need to effectively manage growth efficiently and profitably,” says Mala Bhatt, MD Bluekey East Africa.
Bluekey is confident that SAP Business One will become the preferred ERP solution for companies in Tanzania because it provides such an excellent fit for the typical Africa-based business. Specifically designed for small and medium sized enterprises, it is easily configured for varying business needs, without having to do bespoke development as is often the case with other less flexible products.
Because it can be implemented “vanilla” without customisations or third party applications, the complexity of implementations is dramatically reduced and support is simplified.
SAP Business One is extremely scalable so it supports companies as they grow. There is also plug-and-play integration with bigger SAP suites such as SAP Business Suite for African subsidiaries of multinationals running larger systems.
Although a product of the world’s foremost international ERP vendors, SAP Business One can be localised to so that it conforms to the legislative requirements of each country in which an organisation operates. It also offers multi-language support.
As part of its consultative approach and focus on driving greater awareness of the value of SAP Business One, Bluekey regularly hosts information workshops and seminars.
At an event on the 17 of May 2012, experts from Bluekey showcased the latest features and enhancements of SAP Business One to more than 70 executives from local businesses and illustrated the relevance and impact to the East African business market.
“SAP Business One addresses all the key business requirements from finance and inventory, to customer relationship management; human resources; sales, and procurement, all in a single, integrated solution. SAP Business One is extremely scalable so it supports companies as they grow.
“Although a product of the world’s foremost international ERP vendors, SAP Business One can be localised to so that it conforms to the legislative requirements of each country in which an organisation operates.
“It also offers multi-language support. With our strong team, our track record, and our experience, we are well-positioned to make SAP Business One the number one BI tool in Africa,” concludes Santone Lange, branch manager, Bluekey Tanzania.