MWEB Business, in collaboration with Microsoft, has built, tested and launched what has been hailed as the most advanced and stable hosted messaging and collaboration (HMC) cloud services platform currently available. MWEB Business customers have been upgraded to the new platform at no additional cost.
Andre Joubert, GM of MWEB Business, points out that e-mail and online communications is key to doing business – and the right e-mail solution helps to increase productivity while managing bottom-line costs.
However, the high complexity, costs and risks involved in maintaining an on-premises e-mail infrastructure has resulted in an unstoppable move to hosted messaging solutions.
“With the launch of this powerful cloud services platform, MWEB Business is able to deliver the versatile, secure, robust and scalable e-mail and collaboration solution our customers require to take their businesses forward with confidence – while reducing messaging costs by between 50% and 80%,” Joubert says.
Powered by Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010, which has been hailed as “the best version of Exchange yet”, the new platform provides a seamless e-mail experience across PC, phone and browser.
In addition, it offers fast, easy user set-up, incorporates excellent safeguards for sensitive information and reduces customer risk of malware and spam.
It features an enhanced control panel that empowers customers with self-service control so they can get their jobs done without having to rely on additional technical support.
The new platform also delivers a host of new productivity features that will help users to efficiently organise and prioritise the communications in their inboxes.
“Because the platform is more scalable and offers enhanced security, the upgrade will also enable MWEB Business to offer customers a broader range of cloud services,” Joubert concludes.