Mobile phones store so much information: contacts and calendars; messages; e-mails; usernames and passwords. Users can now keep all of their sensitive information safe with Norton Mobile Security from Comztek.
Norton Mobile Security provides anytime, anywhere protection that guards phones and keeps personal information private.
With features such as remote locate, users can see the location of their phone so they can find it if it has been lost or stolen. Remote Lock lets users remotely lock a lost or stolen phone to prevent strangers from seeing private information or running up mobile bills. Remote Wipe allows users to remotely erase personal information on the phone if it’s lost or stolen, including any data on the memory card.
With its Anti-phishing Web Protection, users can block fraudulent (phishing) Web sites that cyber-criminals use to steal personal information and money, and protect mobile networks and WiFi connections without slow-downs or interruptions.
With its Call and SMS Blocker, users can block calls and text messages from specific people or phone numbers, and the Norton Mobile Security mobile threat protection allows users to detect and remove mobile threats without affecting the phone’s performance.
Additional features such as Download Threat Protection automatically scans all apps and app updates for threats before they are downloaded, and Norton Community Watch collects information volunteered by millions of Norton users to spot new threats faster, identify safe files, and provide stronger, more efficient protection.