The Internet has made the world a global village, with people from every country able to access the same information and purchase the same products. What was once a very American phenomenon is finally living up to its name, the World Wide Web. In South Africa, the Internet is gaining tremendous momentum, with increased availability to cheaper bandwidth growing the base of Internet users exponentially.
However, the Web site and portal services that have been available to Internet users have been heavily US-centric. And while many of the larger brands have installed mirror sites, most commonly in Europe and Asia, these have often been just that: mirror sites, repainted on the outside but the same US- or Euro-centric content on the inside.
Ask any South African consumer who has tried to purchase a product on a .com site, where pricing is in dollars and shipping locally is often impossible.
Phoenix Software, local AVG distributor, is remedying this situation for local customers of the security software giant by launching a localised version of the AVG Internet portal.
“The local portal will provide South African customers increased and easier access to AVG’s products, and we believe will ultimately increase the number of AVG users locally,” says Phoenix Software CEO Simon Campbell-Young.
“With our experience in the online arena, as well as our expertise with the AVG range, we have ensured that local customers get added benefits.”
The new URL will provide comprehensive information and content on AVG’s technology and products, as well as fully localised service using localised currency requirements. This is in addition to all of the existing benefits customers would have been provided on the international site.
For example, Campbell-Young points out, South African customers will no longer have exchange issues, and by using their local credit cards on the site will still be able to make use of all the rewards offered them by their credit providers.