SAP Africa has announced Clint Vosloo as the first appointment to the global SAP Mentor Initiative on the African continent. This initiative identifies exceptional members of the global SAP partner network, recognising them as top influencers in their field of speciality.
As part of an exclusive and engaged community of bloggers, consultants and technical wizards, all SAP Mentors are nominated by SAP Community Network peers and selected by SAP for their hands-on expertise of SAP products or services, and for being champions of community-driven projects.
As the founder of local SAP business analytics partner, BI In The Box, Clint Vosloo is highly regarded throughout the SAP partner ecosystem for his passion and diverse expertise in business intelligence (BI) platforms, including both SAP and Sybase solutions. Hailing from the Western Cape, Vosloo was an aspiring Chartered Account when he registered for a B.Com degree at the University of Cape Town.
However, his passion for information technology soon manifested itself, resulting in Vosloo graduating with a major in information technology (IT). Vosloo’s experience in BI implementations started in 1997 when he was involved in South Africa’s first ever Sybase IQ installation, a field which he has worked in ever since.
After honing his development skills in both the USA and UK, Vosloo returned to South Africa in 2003 to use his newly-acquired knowledge to transform the way that the local market approached business intelligence.
After founding his own company in March 2007 from his home in Cape Town, BI in The Box expanded into Johannesburg soon thereafter. After establishing themselves in the industry with a proven track record of implementing projects on time and within budget, BI in the Box opened a branch in Mauritius to service their installed base in sub-Saharan Africa.
“The SAP Mentor Initiative gives inspirational industry experts a platform to share their in-depth knowledge across our global ecosystem, empowering them to influence how thousands of customers worldwide approach BI implementations with SAP,” says Desmond Nair, director, Ecosystem and Channels, SAP Africa.
“Clint Vosloo is one such inspiration, respected worldwide as a source of honest and independent feedback based on his vast experience and established network of highly productive customers.”
As a globally-recognised SAP Mentor, Vosloo now has direct communication with some of the most important and credible SAP-orientated technology influencers in the market. His early access to new products and solutions allows for a direct influence in the development phase, which can result in better solutions, broader adoption, and faster market ramp-up.
“Companies of all sizes and industries face the same challenges in leveraging their data effectively to gain an accurate insight into their operations and empower sound decision-making,” says Vosloo.
“After having been ‘in the trenches’ myself for almost 15 years, being inducted into the SAP Mentor Initiative is truly an honour and I look forward to adding tangible value to customers and SAP partners worldwide,” he concludes.