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Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has received a prestigious award from Informa Telecom for the “Best Cloud Platform for Africa” for their “Galax” Cloud Platform at last night’s awards dinner.
The Huawei Galax platform focuses on both carrier and enterprise cloud transformation. It realises resource virtualisation and dispatch functions by virtualising physical server and storage resources, assembling and providing virtual machines to end-users on-demand.
Amongst many other benefits, Huawei Galax Cloud Platform provides a self-service purchase portal and pay-per-use billing for end-users to help reduce their costs. End-users can order virtual resources according to their business requirements and flexibly adjust scales when the service fluctuates. A service fee would be determined by actual virtual resource usage conditions.
Huawei revealed its long-term strategy in cloud computing at the two-day Cloud Africa Summit.
“This strategy involves migrating services onto the cloud platform building an open and collaborative ecosystem based on its integrated platform. Huawei promotes greener, more efficient and innovative implementation of cloud computing into IT applications and solutions,” says Li Dafeng, president of Huawei Eastern and southern Africa Region.
Huawei has helped customers worldwide build 210 data centres, 20 of which are cloud computing data centres. Furthermore, Huawei built the world’s largest desktop cloud for internal use with a self-developed cloud computing solution, which by the end of 2011 served approximately 45 000 Huawei employees. Over 100 000 users around the world work with the help of Huawei’s desktop cloud.
“We have collaborated with 85 customers in 33 countries on the commercial use of cloud computing. We have seen a year-on-year increase of 130% in the global sales volume of Huawei servers associated with cloud computing and data centre construction,” Dafeng adds.
Earlier this year, Huawei co-operated with the African Union (AU) to provide a VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solution for the 18th AU meeting in Ethiopia. All desktops used by the attendees comprising of 18 Heads of State used Huawei Virtual Desktops for speech and meeting materials viewing.
Huawei has recorded many industry firsts, for example, building China’s first Healthcare Cloud in Zhabei District, Shanghai and deploying China’s first Education Cloud for Shanghai High School, which has improved efficiency immensely.