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As part of a Microsoft initiative to provide teachers and principals all over the country with free learning and teaching resources, Microsoft South Africa contracted PocketMedia Solutions to develop these resources.
Microsoft’s Partners in Learning programme is geared to help make learning and teaching in the 21st century more fun and interactive.
According to Erica Kornau-Van Niekerk, MD at Artwise Design, Microsoft’s agency, the multi-media campaign consists of a pocket-sized Z-CARD and a DVD containing free learning and teaching resources.
“I believe technology in the hands of innovative teachers plays a valuable role in delivering relevant and fun education content in the classroom. We at Microsoft believe that sharing these methods with fellow teachers will keep the learners engaged in the learning process while having fun in the classroom,” says Microsoft’s citizenship lead, Vis Naidoo.
“Our innovative learning tools are designed to ensure improved teaching and learning, keeping learners engaged while aligned to the national curriculum,” he adds.
The Z-CARD instantly captures learners’ and educators’ attention. It provides a 10-step guide on how to make teaching more engaging.
“Our PocketMedia applications, tailored to suit our clients’ needs, are produced in such a way that they are compact and easy to carry,” says John Davis, the MD of PocketMedia Solutions.
“In this case educators and school leaders will be able to keep it on hand and refer to the ten steps when needed,” he adds.
The Partners in Learning campaign is just one of Microsoft’s many initiatives that give back to the community.
“The DVD brings together a collection of wonderfully innovative resources to help educators bring lessons to life in the classroom,” says Kornau-Van Niekerk. “Both applications offered us a unique way of communicating Microsoft’s ‘giving back’ message and we’re excited to be a part of this initiative.”
These materials are just the beginning. A new Web site is being developed and e-mail signatures will also be designed as a branding tool. A CD containing the learning and teaching resources is available for schools that do not have access to DVD players.
The campaign is an ongoing initiative and materials will be updated regularly.