Fujitsu has announced that the ETERNUS DX440 S2 has set a new record in its class for cost efficiency and overall processing capability, according to the Storage Performance Council 2 (SPC-2) Benchmarks results.
The mid-range ETERNUS DX440 S2 disk storage system follows in the footsteps of the entry-level model ETERNUS DX80 S2, which also achieved a record for cost efficiency and performance in its class.
These new findings support Fujitsu’s history of attaining best-in-class SPC benchmark results for its storage systems.
The speed with which companies can access and retrieve information directly affects business operations. Improved performance helps organisations to cope more effectively with the requirements of IT operations, like the need to process ever-increasing workloads and amounts of data at a high speed.
The SPC-2 Benchmark specifically analyses performance of the storage system in large-sized, sequential access environments. Three distinct workload profiles of the ETERNUS DX440 S2 were evaluated: large file processing; large database queries; and video on demand.