QlikTech, a leader in business discovery (user-driven business intelligence, or BI), has announced that over 2 500 financial services institutions use its software – including 20 of the top 20 financial institutions. The platform has repeated the feat in South Africa, where it is used by the major banks and insurance companies, says Davide Hanan, MD of QlikView South Africa.
“The global financial crisis shook the foundations of institutions, both fundamentally and permanently. In order for them to survive and flourish in this harsh economic climate, they need to find solutions which transform their businesses and increase their margins,” he says.
“Now more than ever, a powerful, affordable, and simple BI analysis capability – available directly to business users – is helping to drive the right decisions that can determine survival and overall success.”
With a deep and thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing financial services organisations, QlikView is providing a new way for business users to view, interact, and interpret a multitude of data from disparate sources.
While it can be applied to practically any business area, QlikView has published a Top 10 Business Discovery Solutions for Financial Services whitepaper, which highlights some of the most common areas in which its models are deployed across the financial services industries:
* Executive dashboards and scorecards;
* Risk management and regulatory compliance;
* Expense management;
* Customer analysis and targeting;
* Asset management and investment analysis;
* Client servicing;
* Financial management;
* Sales and revenue analysis;
* Transaction monitoring; and
* IT management.
“Financial services companies are constantly looking for new ways to meet regulatory compliance while managing risk and growing revenues through better customer intelligence,” says Michael Saliter, senior director global market development – financial services at QlikTech.
“We have continued to see enterprise growth among our customer base, because QlikView provides a much faster time to value compared to traditional BI solutions. Whether users are in the C-suite, risk managers, sales, trading, finance, client servicing or operations, QlikView provides easy-to-use business discovery capabilities that facilitate better and faster decisions.”