Altron is extremely pleased to report that for the second year running the group has achieved an AAA rating for its corporate governance policies, practices and procedures, and has again been awarded a Platinum Certificate in recognition of this achievement. This independent accreditation was conducted by Corporate Governance Accreditation (CGA).
“Last year Altron was also awarded a Platinum Certificate and now has the distinction of being the only public listed company on the JSE to have achieved a Platinum Award in two consecutive years for its corporate governance practices and procedures,” says Altron Group company secretary, Andrew Johnston.
CGA provides a formal certification of conformance to the corporate governance practices as recommended by the third King Report on Governance for South Africa (King III).
CGA supports the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment. As a signatory to these principles, CGA takes cognisance of these guidelines when reviewing the client’s environmental and social awareness as part of the integrated sustainability criteria.
For the purposes of the 2011 certification process CGA decided to address specific relevant issues of conformance along with a review of the 2011 Integrated Annual Report. In order to achieve an in depth overview, a greater emphasis was placed on one-on-one interviews with selected members of management and the Altron board to assess the levels of penetration and integration of the issues around sustainability.
“In a market with relatively few family-owned businesses, it is probably even more important for the group to demonstrate that its governance and sustainability issues are intact and equal to, market standards,” says Johnston.
“In this respect Altron continues to grow and improve on its past achievements and maintain its ranking as a market leader and innovator.”
Issues relating to Stakeholder Relations and Integrated Sustainability will continue to receive the rigorous attention they deserve throughout the Altron group.