Enterasys Networks has launched a new network solution to help businesses as well as public sector institutions address the burgeoning “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement from security and management perspectives.
“Our objective is to give businesses a single offering that addresses all the management and security issues associated with employees bringing their own laptop PCs, tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices into the workplace,” explains Martin May, regional director (Africa) at Enterasys Networks.
Enterasys’ new Mobile IAM solution offers organisations comprehensive identity, access and inventory management, backed by context-based policy enforcement and management capabilities. These are underpinned by an automated auditing and reporting functions.
“Mobile IAM tackles a range of BYOD concerns – from how the devices are accessing data on the corporate network to the viability of the applications running on the devices whose locations can be monitored at all times,” notes May.
He says surveys have found a disconnect between employees – who favour the consumerisation of IT and the productivity benefits it offers them – and businesses with their traditional, deep-rooted concerns about management and security.
“With more than 35-million Apple iPhones and nearly 12-million iPads sold in the first quarter of 2012, many of which will make their way into the workplace, there is no doubt about the overwhelming support for the BYOD movement and the long-term consumerisation of IT,” stresses May.
“At Enterasys Networks we are encouraging organisations to fully enable their employees’ productivity by not only supporting mobile and tablet devices, but also providing a solution that ensures the complete security of corporate data.”
Mobile IAM is part of Enterasys’ larger OneFabric Security architecture. It is able to support any kind of smartphone or tablet, from Apple and Android devices to those running Windows, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry and Nokia platforms.
Key features of Mobile IAM include the automatic discovery and provisioning of users and their devices based on access locations, the ability to detect device types based on both the operating system being used and the device type, and context-based management that enables users to leverage the necessary network resources while giving businesses greater visibility of employees, guests and devices.
Each Mobile IAM appliance – they are available in either physical or virtual versions – supports up to 3 000 devices, and businesses can scale by adding more IAM appliances.
“Significantly, no additional IT resources will be needed to implement the Mobile IAM solution,” adds May.
In line with the global launch strategy, Enterasys Networks SA is offering South African companies a free needs assessment.