Magic Software Enterprises, a global provider of mobile and cloud-enabled application  and business integration platforms, announced that it has been appointed as a SYSPRO Business Partner. Magic has implemented a strategic business decision to develop an iBOLT adaptor to make it easier and faster to integrate the SYSPRO ERP application into third-party software.
With more than 30 years’ history, and as one of the first software vendors to develop an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, SYSPRO is one of the longest-standing independent international vendors of business software solutions and services.
SYSPRO has an open architecture, which gives Magic the ability to interface with SYSPRO Solutions, relying on the business logic within SYSPRO to validate and post external transactions with the care that SYSPRO requires for data integrity.
Magic Software South Africa has significant experience in developing specialised solutions for the iBOLT platform, and has the skills needed to deliver the certified adaptor for SYSPRO Business Partners.
SYSPRO requires its Business Partners to undergo specialised certification to adhere to the strict standards set by SYSPRO, which allows all third-party providers to use the SYSPRO toolbox.
“iBOLT empowers businesses to reliably integrate their applications with a host of internationally renowned solutions with minimum effort. Magic Software South Africa is the only company in Africa with the skills and experience in developing trusted adaptors and applications for the iBOLT platform, a reputation built over many years of professional service,” says Hedley Hurwitz, MD of Magic Software South Africa.