Omnimed is a medical distribution company involved in the distribution of products in the medical, pharmaceutical, wound and aesthetics, surgical, diagnostics and veterinary markets. The vast number of products supplied by Omnimed makes the receipt and capturing of batch numbered stock with expiry dates a challenging task.
Previous labour intensive manual processes were fraught with errors and took too long. As a result, the MJD Nexus data collection suite from Enablecore Technologies was selected for automated stocktake, purchase order receipts and order entry pick and pack, fully batch number and serial number integrated, was chosen to save time and eliminate human error.
Over time, Omnimed has diversified to supply an extensive selection of pharmaceutical, hospital and specialist products to doctors and hospitals. Due to its long-standing presence in the market, leading product portfolio and strong customer service, Omnimed is well known in both public and private health care sectors. Omnimed focuses on life-saving technologies, as well as products that improve the quality of life.
“During 2011 Omnimed realised that its manual receipt and capture of stock and stocktake systems were labour intensive, inefficient and prone to human error due to the large volumes and numbers involved,” says Omnimed admin manager, Estelle Kotze.
“We were looking for a scanning solution that would enable a more automated system for our product handling processes.
“The MJD Nexus scanning solution for automated stocktake, purchase order receipts and order entry pick and pack was the perfect fit for our requirements, and we contracted Cats as our implementation partner,” says Kotze.
“The MJD Nexus scanning solution is a purchased solution that has been fully operational at Omnimed since January this year,” says Wilna Blignaut from Cats, a financial software solution provider based in Gauteng. “The MJD Nexus data collection solution consists of barcode software for Sage Accpac accounting software.
“The application mirrors functions found in Accpac, such as goods received, stock-counts and order picking and packing and allow these functions to be performed in a paperless environment using Motorola portable hand-held terminals with built-in barcode scanners, ensuring that receipts are entered accurately and efficiently.
“The MJD Nexus wireless data platform mobilises all internal transactions such as receiving, stock-counts, transfers, adjustments, assemblies, returns, shipments, picking, packing as well as external transactions such as remote sales, remote inventory control and third-party inventory management,” explains Blignaut.
“Accpac’s ease of customisation, as well as its user-friendly interface and advanced functionality proved to be a perfect match for Omnimed,” says Keith Fenner, VP of sales for Africa, Softline Accpac and Sage MMD Africa.
“Sage Accpac offers the freedom of choice, ease of integration, high performance and reliability that forward-thinking companies such as Omnimed rely on to increase profitability and seize the competitive advantage,” says Fenner.
“Overall, the new scanning solution has saved Omnimed a great deal of time and eliminated human errors from our product management processes. Our staff can now effectively utilise their time to conduct daily cycle counts by lot number. Enablecore had the perfect solution to fit our requirements and the implementation by Cats was efficient and successful,” concludes Kotze.