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When it comes to computing aesthetics today, there’s very little that comes close to the good looks and convenience of the new breed of all-in-ones making their appearance on retail shelves around the world.
But every benefit comes with drawbacks and the obvious caveat when it comes to all-in-ones is that these machines rarely give the user much in the way of upgradability and customisability.
That was until HP’s innovative Z1 Workstation made its debut earlier this month, says Sophia Evans, HP PSG business unit manager at Tarsus Technologies.
Evans says that the Z1 gives users the proverbial best of both worlds, offering all of the aesthetic beauty that today’s more design-orientated all-in-ones are imbued with, along with all of the upgradability one would normally expect from a traditional desktop computer.
“Most all-in-ones allow you to add or swap out memory and hard disks, but that’s it,” she explains.
“The Z1 gives the user the ability to add, or swap out memory and hard disk components at will, while enabling them to swap their graphics card and processor as and when required.
“And as we all know, the ability to swap the latter two components out is one of the primary reasons some folks still prefer a desktop over a laptop today.”
Outside of the ability to blend aesthetics and upgradability, Evans says the Z1 has a couple of unique tricks up its sleeve.
For starters, the Z1 has a 27-inch DreamColor display which supports more than one billion colours and boasts a 178-degree viewing angle, as well as IPS electronics under the hood.
The Z1 can be kitted out with the finest graphics cards nVidia has to offer, a choice of storage devices (including standard SATA disks, faster SSDs and RAID arrays, and either an i3 or Xeon processor.
Rounding this out, the Z1 also folds back into a very compact package, which can allow for it to easily transported or used by multiple users sitting around a boardroom table.
“It is truly one of the most innovative products we’ve seen from HP to date, and I anticipate our only challenge with the product being able to keep up with stocking demands,” she concludes.