Telkom has announced that ADSL speed upgrades are on the way, which it believes will help the ISP increase the value to entry-level broadband customers.

The company launched the following upgrades to its ADSL offerings: ‘Up to 384kbps’ will become ‘Up to 1024kbps’; and its ‘Up to 1024kbps’ will become ‘Up to 2048kbps’.

“Telkom is enhancing its value proposition to truly differentiate our broadband offerings. We are accelerating the evolution of broadband offerings in the country,” says Manelisa Mavuso, Telkom’s MD: consumer services and retail.

“This speed upgrade is indicative of the infinite possibilities that Telkom’s innovation will enable. We are now in a position to create new products and services that will allow customers to run multiple bandwidth-hungry applications simultaneously and at faster speeds,” he adds.

The benefits of the speed upgrades are not only relevant to Telkom’s residential customers but are equally significant to its business customers.

Telkom Business will be able to satisfy the increasing demand for bandwidth and data speeds to its business customer base.

Dr Brian Armstrong, MD of Telkom Business, says: “The sophisticated products and services that can be delivered over enhanced Internet access speeds will enable businesses to gain a significant competitive edge. These upgrades are another step on Telkom’s ongoing journey to providing South African businesses with the ICT infrastructure necessary to help them thrive in a globally competitive world.

“Small to medium businesses specifically will now be able to access a wider range of business utilities to boost their productivity,” he adds.