Any aversion to online purchasing seems to be rapidly dissipating if online sales at Esquire Technologies are anything to go. The digital lifestyle and technology distributor reports that it had notched up more than 10 000 online sales in the last six months.

Esquire CEO, Mahomed Cassim says that, since the company launched online sales three years ago, about 18 000 sales had been notched up.

“While this might not sound like a lot, it must be noted that around 60% of these sales have been concluded in the last six months,” he says.

Cassim explains that Esquire’s Online Ordering was launched three years ago as a “cyber salesman” function.

“Sales started slowly but we are definitely seeing a rapid increase. For resellers in a hurry – and who cannot get through to us via normal buying channels – buying online is a logical solution. They can see our entire product range online – including all product specs and features. This makes purchasing easy.”

He says online sales have also increased since the launch of the company’s Virtual Reseller Network (VRN), an Internet–based purchasing and distribution solution aimed at its resellers that is expected to turn the traditional distribution market on its head.

“The idea behind the launch of the company’s VRN is to get as many of the 12 000 Esquire resellers as possible “to sign up and make use of our VRN,” he says.