Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is now offering Overland Storage’s NEO 100s LTO autoloader storage solution, designed for small business (SMB) applications and remote location environments.
The NEO 100s offers up to 27Tb of data storage capacity in a compact, 1U rack-mount form factor that includes a single LTO4 or LTO5 tape drive. With more than twice the storage density and seven times higher reliability than comparable products on the market, the NEO 100s can provide customers with entry-level backup and archive applications at a significantly lower cost of ownership.
“Tape is still a popular choice for businesses, allowing for growth and providing a cost effective medium for backup strategies. This solution is ideal for the SMB as an effective backup medium, meeting the needs of scalability at a price point that demonstrates value for money,” says Raul Del Fabbro, storage division manager at DCC.
“Furthermore, this product is positioned well for resellers to tackle the needs of the SMB market, providing a solution that protects their data whilst offering portability, allowing them to mitigate risk by ensuring their backup can be stored off-site.”
The NEO 100s solution offers standard NEO Series tape storage features that enable customers to take advantage of simplified installation and effortless operation, including:
* Web-based remote management and diagnostics;
* An integrated barcode reader to facilitate fast media tracking;
* User-removable data cartridge magazine; and
* 1U form factor ideal for limited data centre space.
With storage capacities ranging from 7,2Tb to 3Pb, and data transfer rates ranging from 288 gigabytes per hour (Gb/hr) to 24Tb/hr, the NEO Series family of automated backup and archive solutions provide a wide variety of choices in capacity, performance, features and affordability designed to meet each customer’s particular data storage requirements.
In addition to the NEO 100s, the NEO S-Series includes the NEO 200s, a compact 2U model that provides up to 72Tb of capacity and the NEO 400s, a library that expands up to 144Tb of capacity in a 4U form factor to maximise capacity while minimising costly rack space.
“With its ease of use and affordability, the NEO 100s is the ideal solution for budget-constrained users faced with either backing up moderate amounts of data, or moving that data offsite for long-term retention and disaster recovery purposes,” says Peri Grover, director of product marketing for Overland Storage.
“Additionally, there are tens of thousands of users buying single desktop tape drives for small backup operations and backward compatibility, and they can benefit from the capacity and reliability advantages offered by a more automated solution such as the NEO 100s.”