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Huawei, a leading ICT (information communications technology) solutions provider, has announced its new enterprise partner strategy following the recent merger of the company’s Enterprise Business Group with Huawei Symantec.
Huawei Enterprise confirms that its channel strategy aims to market its products and services to end-users through its partner network.
This follows Huawei’s recent initiative termed “glocalisation”, which entails partnering with the local business community through local employees, sharing resources with local partners, as well as providing opportunities to develop local expertise that will form the next generation of ICT leaders.
“In South Africa, Huawei Enterprise has an established partner network consisting of a comprehensive range of vertical market solutions. The company will continue to support its channel partners by drawing on its worldwide expertise and resources,” says Lauren Fan, president of Huawei enterprise group in east and southern Africa region.
Recently, Huawei joined First Distribution’s partner ranks as a distributor. This follows the current partnership agreements with established local entities, Mustek and Drive Control Corporation (DCC), for the distribution of enterprise products to the South African market.
Fan says Huawei Enterprise business will continue to address innovative and leading solutions covering network infrastructure, such as third generation routers, Ethernet switches and WLAN; a complete set of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) that feature mobility; cloud computing data centres; enterprise information security; and industry application solutions.
“The merger will enable Huawei to integrate Huawei Symantec’s innovative storage and security technologies with Huawei’s products and provide more competitive and comprehensive ICT solutions, under the Huawei Enterprise brand.”
Fan further reiterated Huawei Enterprise vision, “A Better Way” to do business.
“This credo guides the direction the company takes in every aspect of business, from commitment to customers, partners and the entire industry itself, to the company’s dedication to innovation through extensive investments in R&D.
“Together with our channel partners, Huawei Enterprise intends to lead the industry with the focus on customer-centric innovation and service, while at the same time, tapping into Huawei’s vast worldwide experience to help enterprise customers navigate the challenges and opportunities in today’s ICT era.”
The company is the second largest patent applicant under WIPO globally, and confirmed its commitment to further innovation.
“With over 60% growth in revenue per annum over the last three years, the future of Huawei Enterprise is set to show stable growth,” concludes Fan.