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O-Tel Telecoms has announced it has partnered with the ISETT/SETA accredited training centre, Compulink Business Systems, to establish a much-needed VoIP Academy.
The VoIP industry, both globally and locally, is experiencing tremendous growth and it is predicted that by 2020 the majority of all voice traffic will be carried over the Internet. This will create a vacuum for professionals that can embrace and deliver the underlining driving technology.
South Africa’s VoIP Guru, Paul Colmer, is the designated specialist trainer who will be instructing interested channel partners, IT managers, individuals and entrepreneurs wanting to enter the telecoms industry.
Colmer has developed a structured training programme delivered via lectures, audio visual media, technical documentation and “how to’s”.
“The training facility is equipped with the latest VoIP technology, which will be used in practical workshops to build live working systems. It is designed for individuals enthusiastic to participate in the communication revolution and create a rich and interesting learning experience for them,” he says.
O-Tel’s comprehensive technical certification course is designed to educate telecom entrepreneurs in the use, training and support of O-Tel’s array of VoIP infrastructure services.
The five day long, 300-plus page manual certification course includes a full overview from an introduction to VoIP, the basics of VoIP, to understanding various VoIP services and deployments, advanced facilities and services, hands-on activities in programming routers, telephones, PBXes, gateways and other topics.
The Certification Programme ends with an exam which is in the process of alignment with ISETT/SETA’s certificate for “telecommunications for customer premises equipment” NFQ level 2, 3 and 4.
“VoIP is definitely a long term technology under the telecoms umbrella. With a 20 year history as a training center places Compulink as a perfect partner to take-on this industry initiative,” comments Brian Harris, MD at Compulink.
“O-Tel’s Certification Course will allow entrepreneurs to establish small businesses, which can only grow in our vibrant telecoms industry, thus creating more job opportunities. The course will also educate current telecom players with various methods to provide stable service and more efficient routing. This will eradicate the reputation of VoIP being an immature technology.
“Needless to say, having this certification on your CV can only increase your chances of obtaining a job in a recognised telecom company.”
Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecoms, is excited about this new venture.
“We’ve been first to release many VoIP services and products, however, this is the most exciting of them all. Technical Personnel, junior or senior, fresh out of matric students, and PBX players who want to move on to Telephone 2.0 can now benefit from this comprehensive week long course at a mere R9 995.00.”
Booking and registration for the first session (18 June) has already begun on O-Tel’s Web site. Seats are limited and moving fast. The Randburg based training centre’s VoIP rooms can accommodate 20 students comfortably.
“Once they have passed the exam, they will leave the VoIP Academy ready to recoup their investment immediately by using the channel partner package included in the course,” continues Patel.
By empowering students to become entrepreneurs, the course is a winner for South Africa’s growing economy.
“We hope to benefit SA’s economy and create more jobs as large enterprises have restructured and downsized. Small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) have come to play an increasingly important role in South Africa’s development. O-Tel’s programme is designed to stimulate this market and the job creation it delivers,” concludes Colmer.