An enterprise of 500 workers can save up to 1 000 hours a year, according to Lenovo South Africa. Through its third iteration of Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 (EE3), certified Lenovo PCs are able to boot up 40% faster than typical Windows 7 machines, saving 20 seconds during each boot up.
Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, this exclusive certification is available on Lenovo Think and Idea-branded PCs.
“Time is a precious commodity, and when it comes to your PC, we need to make sure that every second counts, reducing the time it takes to get your PC up and running,” says Mark Cohen, VP, Lenovo.
“The EE3 optimisations we’ve made on our consumer and business PCs mean customers spend less time waiting and more time doing what they want to do, with faster boot time performance and quicker resume times for a more instant-on experience.”
Powered by what Lenovo has dubbed “RapidBoot” technology, customers using traditional spinning disk hard drive (HDD) Lenovo PCs can start up their PC in 24 seconds, compared to typical Windows 7 PCs which takes upwards of 41 seconds. RapidBoot uses optimised processes and hardware settings to allow Lenovo PCs to boot up faster.
“People want their PCs to be ready when they are, and Lenovo’s RapidBoot technology provides a noticeable difference in performance,” says Nick Parker, VP of Worldwide OEM Marketing at Microsoft.
“Enhanced Experience 3 for Windows 7 exemplifies how our collaboration with Lenovo across hardware and software leads to amazing experiences that continue to delight customers.”
With data security a primary concern for company IT managers, Think-branded PCs with EE3 also come with robust security features, including: self-encrypting hard drives that protect the data on the PC in case of loss or theft; a hardware password manager; a fingerprint reader that can be used to power the PC on and login with a swipe of the finger; USB Blocker, which can block the use of any USB device connected to the PC based on types of devices; and a BIOS Port Lock.