Businesses today have become brutally aware of the need for rapid backup and disaster recovery. No matter their size, whether a small business, mid-market company or large enterprise, most organisations know they need to restore their critical systems and data rapidly, in a matter of minutes, in order to minimise the impact of lost productivity.
Disk-based, realtime data protection and disaster recovery addresses is the solution and enables businesses to recover from a catastrophic failure in minutes, according to Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of specialist distributor Phoenix Software.
However, many companies don’t know which data protection and disaster recovery solution will best suit their business, and often end up installing the incorrect solution, he says.
In order to choose the right solution, companies must evaluate the products available according to their needs. There are essential components, however, that should not be negotiable. For a backup to have any value, it must have integrity and must have the ability to modify schedules. In addition, it should be easy to restore to different hardware.
“Not all backup products are created equal. In order to efficiently and effectively protect data in realtime, it is critical that the solution uses sector-based imaging – as opposed to file or block based imaging. Sectors are the smallest possible unit of measure on disk systems. Protecting data and databases at the sector level helps to minimise the amount of data moved across the network,” Campbell-Young explains.
As a leader in realtime recovery, StorageCraft’s range of products has all of these features and more. Realtime recovery has evolved due to the cost, complexity and reliability of traditional tape based backup and recovery products.
Most traditional backup and recovery products focus on the backup process and not what is important to a customer – which is the recovery process. Traditional tape-based solutions fail to meet the service level agreements (SLAs) that organisations of all sizes now require.
In addition, ever increasing mandatory regulations for information compliance add yet another layer of complexity to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.
“The only reason we backup our data is to be able to restore it at some stage in the future, and realtime recovery delivers next generation proven, reliable and affordable, realtime data protection and realtime recovery of systems, applications, settings, preferences and databases,” says Campbell-Young.
“Data is the lifeblood of your organisation – without it, the business ceases to exist. Can you afford to risk the loss of any of that valuable data because your backup and recovery software isn’t up to the task?”