Cell C has extended the number of countries that can be called on its 99c per minute offer.

The company recently reduced international call rates to the USA, UK, India, Pakistan and China at 99c per minute on per second billing, making them the same price as Cell C’s landmark 99c per minute local call rate.

Now, Cell C has announced that from today (14 June 2012), all Cell C customers will also be able to dial persons residing in Hong Kong and Australia at a cost of 99c per minute on per second billing at anytime.

Cell C CEO Alan Knott-Craig says the company has decided to make the 99 cents per minute call rate a permanent tariff on the Cell C network rather than a promotional one.

“The drop in international tariffs has been a clear hit.  Call traffic to those countries has increased well above our most optimistic expectations since the promotion was launched.

He says Cell C has already lodged these new tariffs as standard rates with ICASA, which means that going forward the call rate to these seven countries will be set at a default rate of 99c per minute on per second billing for all prepaid, hybrid and postpaid Cell C customers at anytime of the day or night.

It is important to note that these are not VoIP calls, but pure circuit-switched calls ensuring the best quality possible, he adds.

“We will announce the rates for all destination countries in the next weeks as we finalise simplified rates to each country at the best price possible.”