With the addition of premium finishes, specially-engineered to make the outer shell more resistant to scratches and fingerprints, My Passport offers up to 2Tb worth of storage – enough to store 400 000 photos or 500 000 MP3s.
“Backup is often something that people forget to do so we have special automated backup software, WD SmartWare, installed into My Passport hard drives so users no longer have to rely on memory. And with added features like hardware based encryption and password protection, you can see your life memories stored safely in one place.
“Backing up on external hard drives is undoubtedly a must, like brushing your teeth twice a day,” says Anamika Budree, Western Digital country manager – South Africa.
Users have taken the time to store it on their desktop or laptop computer; everything that matters to them, from financial to sentimental. But they are just one system error, one spilled coffee or one stolen backpack away from losing it all.
Unlike CDs and DVDs, external hard drives with an automated backup solution remain a cost friendly, hassle free, reliable, quick and secure approach to backup.
My Passport drives come with a two-year limited warranty and are available at selected retailers and distributors. Recommended retail price for the 500Gb is R999, the 1Tb is R1299 and the 2Tb is R2499. All pricing is inclusive of VAT.