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Leading information security expert, AVeS Cyber Security, is playing a significant role in promoting the benefits of the recently-launched cloud security service,
Businesses in South Africa have embraced the new cloud service offering that was launched nationwide in 2012 by Symantec, an international company specialising in computer security, data protection and remote management software for consumer and business applications.
Local information security specialist, AVeS Cyber Security, is an official channel partner of the service, which is designed to assist businesses in addressing the challenges of e-mail storage management, legal discovery and regulatory compliance.
As part of its official launch, AVeS MD Charl Ueckermann explains that the company hosted 15 of its high profile clients for a sunrise hot air balloon ride and champagne breakfast in Muldersdrift, before hosting an official presentation.
“Cloud security for businesses has become a megatrend on an international level, and South African companies have shown a demand for this new and different IT methodology.
“Our clients at the event, who operate in industries ranging from international logistics to hospitality, displayed a keen interest in the service, and a number of them have agreed to adopt for a trial period, while one client has already signed up to the service,” he notes. business development manager for sub-Saharan Africa, Mark Smissen, highlights the fact that the service offering is backed up by a purpose-built data centre in Johannesburg, which provides an improved and value-added service to all clients.
“ infrastructure is a global service, and the local data centre was the 16th built worldwide. Symantec has not built this data centre to only offer a localised service for South Africa, but rather to extend our global services to the country. This substantial investment in South Africa displays our confidence not only in the local economy, but in Africa as a whole,” he explains.
Smissen points out that the service has been well-received by the entire market, ranging from small start-up businesses, to large multi-national corporations.
“By going live locally, enables businesses to connect to, and make use of, the same service that they would have previously accessed from Europe or North America, while cutting back on bandwidth costs and experiencing performance improvements.”
According to Smissen, South Africa was identified as the location-of-choice for the data centre, due to the country’s strong infrastructural capabilities, paired with a high demand for cloud services.
“Research undertaken by Symantec revealed that the demand from South African businesses for cloud services for e-mail security is the second highest in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Local customers have seen the benefits of outsourcing cloud services, and are adopting it aggressively.”
Smissen notes that he has full confidence in gaining substantial market share through channel partners such as AVeS.
“AVeS is one of Symantec’s longest-standing security partners in South Africa, and the company understands our product offering very well. Expanding the partnership to include the cloud services was a natural progression, and AVeS is now positioned to take what it knows in terms of technological expertise, and cross train that to the cloud services.”
“AVeS is committed to providing its clients with a value-added service offering, and we understand that the concept of new technology such as cloud security can often be confusing, especially if a company is provided with misinformation,” Ueckerman adds.
“As a result, we offer our clients a full consultation service, in order to establish their individual needs moving forward. As one of Symantec’s longest-standing local partners, AVeS clients are provided with full access to a global pool of expertise, ultimately ensuring the highest efficiency in the quickest possible turnaround times.”
Smissen adds that he is optimistic of the future outlook for in South Africa.
“The local market is one of the fastest growing revenue segments for Symantec, and that growth curve is continually increasing. With this in mind, we will be looking at expanding our range of cloud services in the short-term to include desktop security, online backup, Web security, collaboration security and instant messaging security,” he concludes.