Take advantage of high speed data transfer and future-proof storage investments with the new Huawei Symantec Oceanspace 2600T from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). This innovative disk enclosure offers a range of connectivity options, including 8Gb fibre channel, and supports multiple disk types for on-demand expansion from four to 200 disk drives, delivering practically limitless storage capacity.
With on-demand storage expansion and support for solid state drives (SSD), server attached storage (SAS), near-line (NL) SAS and serial advanced technology attachment (SATA), the 2600T caters for ever-increasing storage requirements. Industry-leading hardware specifications, including 64-bit multi-core processors, provide high capacity, high speed caching and lightning fast 20Gbps internal data exchange.
“The 2600T is built with the small to medium enterprise (SME) in mind, and priced to match. With entry level pricing along with advanced performance and scalability features, the 2600T is designed to meet the demands of today’s SME and caters easily for the increased storage needs of tomorrow.
“High reliability and availability ensure that stored data is always accessible when it is needed, and outstanding efficiency, economy and ease of use make the 2600T ideal for the mid-market,” says Raul Del Fabbro, storage division manager at DCC.
The 2600T includes integrated data protection technology to support instant data recovery. Power failure protection with internal battery modules automatically writes cached data to disk upon power failure while disk pre-copy proactively detects failing hard drives and backs up their data, protecting data from loss or corruption.
Hot swappable modules, including controllers, fans, power supplies, battery backup units and disk modules, mean that components can be easily replaced without shutting down the system.
“Aside from these data protection and failover features, which are very important particularly in the South African market where intermittent power failures are common, the 2600T includes other efficiency enhancing features. Automatic thin-provisioning supports improved disk utilisation, and an easy to use management and maintenance tool enables SMEs to easily use all of the functionality of the device,” Del Fabbro adds.
Energy saving features have also been included to help SMEs lower carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption. Intelligent disk spin-down enables disks to spin only at the speed required for the service load, and intelligent CPU frequency control ensures optimal CPU operating frequency, which can reduce power consumption by up to 40%.
A 16-gear intelligent fan speed control enables the 2600T to intelligently tune fans according to operating temperature, reducing fan power consumption and noise.
“The 2600T is the ideal storage device for the SME market, thanks to its incredible range of carrier class features combined with robust construction, modular expandability and entry-level price point. We are looking forward to bringing more innovative Huawei products into market during 2012,” Del Fabbro concludes.
The Huawei Oceanspace 2600T is available immediately from Drive Control Corporation.