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ClearCorrect, a leading manufacturer of clear aligners, has announced collaboration with Objet, the innovative leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing.
ClearCorrect works with more than 11 000 doctors, making it a leading manufacturer of clear aligners. The company offers a more affordable and doctor-friendly approach, including a phase-based delivery system to enhance flexibility and control for doctors.
ClearCorrect is making Objet’s high resolution, 3D printing systems an integral part of its mass-scale manufacturing of custom-made orthodontic aligners. Together, ClearCorrect and Objet are bringing the advantages of digital 3D printing technology to orthodontics.
The ClearCorrect manufacturing centre, located in Houston, Texas, is one of the most advanced digital production centres in the USA. Essential to its operation are a number of recently installed Objet 3D printing systems, making ClearCorrect a major user of the technology in the dental industry.
“With the recent implementation of these Objet 3D printing systems, we now have the means to scale rapidly and efficiently in the global market while maintaining the highest quality,” comments ClearCorrect CEO, Jarrett Pumphrey.
The Objet 3D printing systems area key component of the ClearCorrect process in that they produce the plastic models of each step of the patient’s treatment. ClearCorrect then thermo forms the models to create the clear aligners.
Instead of just sending the doctors the clear aligners for the patient, ClearCorrect includes the plastic models along with the clear aligners so that the doctors can use them as needed to fabricate replacement aligners should a patient lose or break an aligner.
This way, both the doctor and the patient benefit in costs and saving time as usually a patient would have to wait a couple weeks to receive the replacement aligner.
“Objet and ClearCorrect have worked together to implement Objet’s ultra-thin layer, high-resolution 3D printing solutions in the ClearCorrect production process,” says Avi Cohen, head of Medical Solutions at Objet.
“We expect this co-operation will increase overall manufacturing productivity and by bringing together the ClearCorrect system and technology with Objet’s 3D printing systems, we shall achieve top results for the benefit of users worldwide.”