Adobe has announced the launch of Adobe GoCreate 2012 creative contest. Aimed at the youth, young creative professionals and students, this online social media platform gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents, creativity and skills to the world and be rewarded for sharing and connecting with like-minded individuals on the web portal.

Adobe’s 2012 creative contest launches with over $120 000 in prizes but the prize giveaways are expected to increase over the next six months as Adobe brings more sponsors onboard and other leading global brands to support creativity. The contest runs from 7 May 2012 until 30 November 2012.

Adobe GoCreate is now in its third year of existence and offers incentives to the creative industry from the fields of web, design, developers, print, video, animation, photography and application development. Over the course of the last two contests more than 800 individuals have walked away with over $95,000 in prizes which included Adobe software, Xbox 360 Kinect packages, Apple iPads, training DVDs, books, laptop PCs & high-end workstations and other amazing prizes.

The six-month competition calls on entrants to upload their work on to the website and lobby for ratings via social media channels – using tools such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter, which are integrated into the website. Entrants with an average rating of 100 or more qualify for the Hall of Fame, securing their place to claim the top prizes in the contest. In addition, the general public are also encouraged to vote for their favourite entries in the different categories and also stand a chance to win great prizes.

Adobe GoCreate is an equal opportunity platform meaning that young creatives can showcase their creative works of art irrespective of their level of skill, talent or experience in the industry. In many instances, the community value of Adobe GoCreate outstrips the competition element as the entrants can profile their work with others in their field and share ideas.

Says Leonard Rabotapi, marketing and PR manager: sub-Saharan Africa & Israel at Adobe Systems: “As a company, Adobe is all about creativity. We understand that unlocking creative potential is key to economic and societal growth. The challenge is that globally less than half of employees describe themselves as creative and only one in four feel that they are living up to their creative potential.

“Through programmes like Adobe GoCreate and solutions like the recently announced Adobe Creative Suite 6 which help creatives realise their ideation, Adobe is championing creativity in all its forms and across all platforms and devices.

“From the results of last year’s initiative, Adobe GoCreate is gaining support and traction as a creative community platform. The almost 3,000 submissions and more than 53,000 votes for entries we received in 2011 were absolutely phenomenal and the commentary and advice exchange was invaluable.”

According to Adobe’s marketing director for emerging markets, Lothar Haenle, Adobe GoCreate is a natural fit with the company’s vision of changing the world through digital experiences. “Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet app, a game, a video, a digital magazine, a website, or an online experience, chances are that the creative process was touched by Adobe technology. Adobe GoCreate underlines our commitment towards ensuring that we have the ability to take an idea and create meaningful and engaging experiences every day of our lives.

“At Adobe we challenge the assertion that there’s nothing new under the sun. There’s always something new, every day, every hour and every minute as people want to express themselves, make themselves known, to forge and deliver truly original thoughts. At Adobe, our purpose is to break down the barriers to creation. Wherever you go, wherever you are when inspiration strikes, that’s where we aim to make an impact.”