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Samsung Electronics, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has introduced the new GALAXY Pocket smartphone.
“The Samsung GALAXY Pocket is a true smartphone that offers the GALAXY experience to even more consumers at an affordable price, and it’s now available in South Africa,” says Craige Fleischer, director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa.
The Samsung GALAXY Pocket packs a lot of power into a slim and compact form. At only 11,98mm thick and weighing just 97g, the Pocket features a 2,8-inch display, making it portable while still ensuring comfortable viewing of content and images. Powered by a strong 832Mhz processor and advanced WiFi and HSDPA connectively, the Pocket delivers a rich mobile experience.
“Whether you’re surfing the Web, downloading files or uploading pictures to your social networking accounts, the GALAXY Pocket performs like a pro,” adds Fleischer. “The efficient and smart experience is led by the Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform, Google Mobile Services, Samsung Apps and the easy to use TouchWiz interface.”
With Superfast 3G connectivity, connecting and sharing is quick and easy with GALAXY Pocket’s social networking and communication features. Downloadable through Samsung Apps, Samsung’s ChatON cross-platform communication service connects all phone users into a single community.
This enables spontaneous messaging, group chatting and content sharing in multiple formats, making messaging simpler and more intuitive. Meanwhile, the Social Hub allows users to see their instant messaging, social networking (such as Facebook and Twitter) and e-mail communications in a single inbox for added convenience.
Pocket Musiq is an exclusive feature for Galaxy Pocket users, boasting thousands of free downloadable local tracks. From RnB to gospel, this exciting service can be accessed online.
The TouchWiz user interface offers smoother menu navigation through easy-to-access widgets, providing effortless shortcuts to frequently-used functions. Improved text input provides speedier, more accurate typing for Web searches or quick messaging with friends.
The device offers a great onboard user memory of 32Gb for applications, MP3 files, photos (from the 2Mb camera) and other media, as well as an in-built FM radio which allows users to tune in to their favourite station.
“The GALAXY Pocket smartphone comes with a wide range of useful services that enrich the user’s mobile experience. From the operating system to the full touch screen user interface, users will get the most out of their mobile. The GALAXY Pocket is compact and connected – everything you need in a smartphone,” concludes Fleischer.
The Samsung GALAXY Pocket is available locally at an approximate recommended retail price of R999.00.