Magic Software Enterprises, a global provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility, cloud applications and business integration, has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Samsung Electronics South Africa and Magix Security to support mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) projects in Africa.
Samsung Electronics South Africa will provide its range of mobile devices. Magic Software SA will provide the entire application development solution through its innovative Magic xpa and Magic xpi platforms.
The front end of the applications will be developed with Magic xpa Application Platform, while Magic xpi Integration Platform will be used to retrieve and update data from existing enterprise applications. Magix Security will provide the necessary policies and security to the MEAP via its mobile device management solution, MobileIron.

“It has been said that up to 10% of 119-million tablets to be sold this year will be purchased by companies – evidence of the reality that tablets are playing an increasing role in the enterprise space,” says Paulo Ferreira, head of enterprise mobility at Samsung Electronics South Africa.
“Taking this into consideration, as well as the growth of ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policies, an effective mobile workforce needs to use the right tools that are not only adaptable to various mobile business environments, but also protect the valuable and critical data that mobile devices hold when business is conducted on the move.
“At Samsung, we understand this, and in line with our enterprise mobility drive, we are excited to be able to provide Magic’s mobile enterprise application platform locally, enabling our enterprise customers to take full advantage of the mobile evolution.”

“Magic’s state-of-the-art enterprise mobility solution empowers developers to design a single application and deliver it to all the major mobile platforms without requiring any additional coding. It’s a case of develop once, deploy anywhere,” says Hedley Hurwitz, MD of Magic Software South Africa.
“Mobility in the South African enterprise is increasing in importance, and business users require access to corporate applications and data from wherever they are, using whatever device they choose.”

As the mobile enterprise market grows, so do the associated risks.
“Enterprises need to be re-assured that mobile devices can be managed and secured in accordance with policy before large-scale adoption. MobileIron, a gold member of the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Programme, provides the security and control required by IT, as well as the experience that end-users demand.
“Tight integration gives enterprises a view of what’s on a smart device and how it’s being used, letting both IT and end users secure data and control costs without compromising privacy,” says Phillip Gerber, MD of Magix Security, a reseller of MobileIron in South Africa.

This joint venture was conceived at a meeting with Mobile Monday
and will be launched on 25 June, 2012, at a Mobile Monday event attended by Africa’s top mobile innovators.
By simplifying the development, distribution, management and security of mobile applications, enterprises are now able to take full advantage of the benefits of mobility without the added costs and risks so inherent to the consumer market.