A “hactivist” group has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s Twitter outage. The service was down worldwide for about 40 minutes.

A group caling itself UGNazi says it was the driving force behind an attack that brought the service down.

Twitter confirmed that the outage was as a result of a “cascading bug”.

Ironically, UGNazi posted the news of its exploits on its own Twitter feed. “We just #TangoDown’d http://twitter.com for 40 minutes worldwide!” it wrote.

“Tango down” is usually a reference to a denial of service attack.

UGNazi, which claims members such as JoshTheGod (Blake), MrOsama (Matthew) and CyberZeist (Greg) among others, has published a list of target sites that it plans to bring down.

These include the US government as its main target as well as Google and a host of lesser known organisations.

Locally, Internet Solutions yesterday confirmed the outage and that some clients experienced intermittent connectivity for a couple of hours.