While the global unemployment figure for youths is 12,6%, a massive 35,9% of South African youngsters aged between 15 and 24 are unemployed.

This trend is exacerbated in the traditional township setting where youths are unable to make their way to cities to find formal employment.

With this in mind; the Gauteng provincial government is teaming up with Lulaway, and committing to 20 government-funded job centres which will be opened in various centres throughout Gauteng before the end of the financial year.

The job centres are based on existing Lulaway models, where life skills and training are linked to the centres, thus ensuring a higher success rate in both the screening process and the job interviews that follow.

Addressing corporate concerns that employing untried and untested youth adds to the risk inherent in any uptake of new employees, the government has pledged to play an active role in streamlining the screening process.

Lulaway MD Errol Freeman comments: “Lulaway provides the first innovative service to South African companies looking to hire the right employees in the most cost- and time-effective manner. It is therefore our intention to provide South African corporates with direct access to screened entry-level and semi-skilled workers, while addressing labour market inefficiencies in South Africa within the grassroots and blue collar labour market.”

By equipping employers with their own web portal on the Lulaway site, companies are able to quickly and effectively access information on potential employees who have already passed a screening process.

“Using our infrastructure will allow two consultants in each of the 20 booths to potentially screen between 240 000 and 270 000 job seekers in a 12-month period. The process takes about 15 minutes per candidate and includes rigorous screening and testing, designed to test skills, knowledge, aptitude and corporate fit. Relevant documentation is also scanned and photographs taken.”