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Leading African communications and technology distributor Comztek has cemented its intention to grow its KwaZulu-Natal region with the appointment of a new regional branch manager.
Effective as of 1 August, Jody Thompson will take on the role of regional branch manager at the KwaZulu-Natal office, and brings with her more than 20 years experience within the local ICT industry.
“We believe that Jody will bring with her a renewed energy and focus to the KwaZulu-Natal region,” states Uwe Brandkamp, sales director at Comztek.
“And that her excellent knowledge of the market, leadership abilities and the outstanding relationships she has developed over the years will prove to be a real asset to the Comztek business.
“Our goal is to take advantage of developments in the technology industry such as cloud services and cloud computing, and drive innovation in these areas for our resellers. In her role, Jody will be called upon to take this strategy to the region, assist our resellers in gaining more market share and working with them through improved delivery times and quality service,” Brandkamp says.
He also adds that Thompson will be tasked with highlighting to resellers how they can add value to their customers by ensuring they are able to tap into the value-added distribution model of Comztek early on in the sales cycle.
Well known and respected locally as an innovator and a business developer, Thompson has held both technical and sales marketing roles. She has worked in the capacity of sales manager, ran a technical division, assisted clients in designing their infrastructure and then mapped technology products to meet their needs, bringing an end-to-end approach to the role.
Within her time in the industry, she served a 12-year tenure at the Natal offices of Business Connexion, after which she has worked as a member of the Mimecast team for over two years and was instrumental in the launch of the KwaZulu-Natal offices.
“I am really excited at the opportunities my role at Comztek will bring from both a personal and a professional perspective,” states Thompson. “Part of my role will be to forge new relationships, strengthen existing relationships and work closely with our reseller base in the region, in order to better unlock business value for our clients.
“In addition, I am looking forward to working with the internal teams to develop a roadmap for growth for the office and position Comztek in KwaZulu-Natal as an employer of choice,” she ends.