Huawei, a leading ICT (information communications technology) solutions provider, has unveiled its rail and port solutions at the continent’s leading rail event, Africa Rail 2012, which is co-located with the Ports and Harbours Show and Exhibition, at the Sandton Convention Centre. The exhibition will continue until the end of the week.
Developed to ease the strain on the already heavily burdened port network in the country, Huawei Enterprise’s wireless security solution (namely, Trustar) combines voice with push-to-talk, data and video on one platform. This convenient yet highly effective solution ensures increased safety of goods, provides theft control measures, leads to a reduction of scheduling workload and increases efficiency in dispatching.
South Africa’s ports and rails make up the backbone of local enterprise, and are essential to the country’s economic health. While ports provide critical gateways into the country, rail transport in South Africa is the most important element of the country’s transport infrastructure. All major cities are connected by rail, and South Africa’s railway system is the most developed in Africa.
ICT also plays a vital role in the ever increasing need for over-land transportation. With this boom in demand, Huawei Enterprise’s wireless GSM-R solution is a standardised solution for railway communications and signaling, with smooth evolution to LTE.
Providing drastic reductions in cost through improved efficiencies in operations, maintenance, asset utilisation and capacity management of passengers and cargo, Huawei Enterprise’s wireless GSM-R solution allows all systems to be integrated with open standards, full interoperability.
As the only fully comprehensive vendor in the rail and port communications industry, Huawei Enterprise is well positioned to make a splash in the market, and its well known “customer-centric” attitude (Huawei has on-the-ground presence in over 50 countries in Africa) makes Huawei uniquely capable to serve customer requirements.