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Advances Lexmark International has announced the Lexmark ID app, allowing customers to verify Lexmark branded inkjet cartridges on the spot using only their smartphone or tablet.
Why confirm a cartridge is a Lexmark original? Counterfeiters sometimes illegally reuse and refill Lexmark cartridges and package and sell them as original Lexmark goods. The origin and quality of these cartridges are unknown to the customer, and they can sometimes leak, run out after a few pages, not work at all or even damage a printer.
Lexmark is focused on ensuring customers have an optimal experience and want it be clear that when customers buy Lexmark cartridges, they have received genuine goods.
Here’s how:
* Download the free app from Android, iPhone or BlackBerry; and
* Once installed, simply scan the barcode from the Lexmark box, bag or cartridge itself and the serial number is sent to the database for instant verification.
For customers who do not have access to a smartphone or tablet, go to Lexmark’s Web site and enter the serial number from a cartridge to receive the same verification.
The Lexmark ID app is available now.