Africa, with more than 1-billion people, has reached a 13,5% Internet penetration rate, and there are plenty of big websites about the continent. However, only 2 670 websites out of the world’s top 1-million sites are hosted in Africa.

When it comes to web hosting, the US appears to be the go-to place.

The different reasons for selecting a particular hosting provider are many, including price, functionality, reliability, and, of course, geographic location. For example, it might be awkward for a local city council somewhere to host its website outside the country, although, sometimes, it may have no other choice.

Pingdom scanned’s top 1-million sites (and discovered some interesting facts, including:

* 34 countries in Africa host one or more sites in the top 1-million.

* These 34 countries host a combined 2 670 sites.

* That means 0,27% of the world’s top 1-million sites are hosted in Africa.

* South Africa is the clear leader, hosting 1 852 sites, or 69%, of the 2 670.

* Egypt is in second place with 276 sites, followed by Morocco with 97 sites.

* The biggest site is, hosted in Egypt, which comes in at position 632 in Alexa’s ranking.

* Out of the world’s top 10 000 sites, only 33 are hosted in Africa.

* Out of the world’s top 100 000 sites, 250 are hosted in Africa.

To get a sense of what sites are actually hosted in Africa, Pingdom focused on data for the 100 biggest sites. A breakdown of in which countries we can find the top 100 sites hosted in Africa, in alphabetical order, is: Algeria – 1; Egypt – 22; Kenya – 1; Libya – 1; Morocco – 5; Nigeria – 4; Seychelles – 7; South Africa – 58; and Sudan – 1.

It can be seen that South Africa and Egypt together account for 80 of the top 100 sites hosted in Africa.

In terms of individual sites, Egypt takes the top two spots. Of the top 10 sites, South Africa hosts five, with Egypt and Seychelles hosting the remaining five.

The data for this survey was collected between 6 June and 8 June 2012, with a Pingdom-developed script that scanned 945 472 of Alexa’s top 1-million sites