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In testament to Bytes Systems Integration’s longstanding commitment to its partnership with NetApp, the company recently scooped a prestigious award at the NetApp EMEA Partner Summit, held in the Netherlands.
The NetApp Top Contributing Partner to Midsize Enterprises (MSE) in EMEA was one of just four awards handed out at the summit, and the win in this category clearly demonstrated the strengths of the Bytes team.
The award is a particularly prestigious one, encompassing as it does partners from throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Mike Broderick, who accepted the award on behalf of Bytes, says that it reinforces the commitment the company has made to NetApp and that the results Bytes has achieved reflect the return on this investment.
“At Bytes, we took the decision to focus our data management and data storage offerings on the NetApp Suite of solutions, therefore we will always lead with a NetApp solution.
“Adherence to this focus allows us to specialise and we are justifiably proud of the high level of expertise and professionalism we have garnered as a result. This award simply affirms that we have made the right decision and we sincerely thank NetApp for recognising this,” he says.
Broderick adds that he commends the entire Bytes team for its commitment and efforts to grow the NetApp business in the MSE segment as well as the enterprise space. This, he suggests, goes for the teams efforts in South Africa, Africa and beyond.
“Bytes are well advanced to progress from NetApp’s Platinum partner status to the very prestigious Star Partner status – this is something we hope to achieve within the next 18 months. At present, there are only a handful of Star Partners globally, so the barrier for entry is extremely high, but Bytes is confident in its ability to achieve this.”
Broderick explains that this partner status can only be achieved if Bytes’ customers continue to trust the company with their data management. He adds that Bytes wants to assure all its existing and prospective customers that the company will continue to invest in this business, with a focus on continuously making it better.
“We believe that NetApp is doing everything right at the moment and will keep doing so for the foreseeable future. Our view is that it is due to the intuitive way the company is delivering solutions for today’s problems; it all boils down to innovation.
“We are simply delighted to be part of this and also to be part of the whole new range of solutions that have just been announced – it keeps us exactly where we like to be: a step ahead of the competition,” concludes Broderick.